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  • 35th Anniversary

2014 Monthly Themes

The past year saw our deep commitment to immerse and to pass on the JIL DNA – the foundational principles of our God-given vision of a glorious church. To carry over that God-mandated DNA, our 2013 themes were set to exhibit a facet of the JIL Church as a Glorious Church, per month.

This coming year, we have set the bar even higher. It's all about what everything the Jesus Is Lord Church is all about. It's all about: JESUS.

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Unbreakable Legacy

I think I speak for all the delegates when I say that the CYN Summit 2013 has started an unbreakable legacy for us. We are forever changed; and like the memories of our experience, we want to share this with the generations to come after us.

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Pastor Daddy is my “superhero”

I thought that I had already seen every good deed of a pastor. But I was wrong. Sincerely wrong. It’s been over a week since the most personal and jaw-dropping sight of a prophetic gesture I ever witnessed in my Christian life.

The humility of pastors was explicitly experienced the moment they knelt before every Pastor’s Kid (PK) present at Ergife Hotel, Rome, Italy.

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Impossible. And yet, He made possible what should not be.

He was so much loved, Lazarus was. The Bible records one of the most poignant scenes in the shortest number of words possible. Jesus wept. (John 11:35)

It had been four days. How awful the stink must’ve been! How much decayed the flesh must’ve been! 

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Thrills and Chills at Metro Dumaguete

If you are looking for exciting and serene experience at the same time, I highly encourage you to come and visit Metro Dumaguete. Feel both the excitement and the stillness that this place offers. It will turn your adrenaline and serenity upside down as you encounter the thrills and chills in this tourist destination.

The first time I saw this signage, I was mesmerized by the information it offers. The Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural

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  • Let's Go Deeper +

    JESUS AS REVEALED BY THE GOSPELS The beauty of the Gospels resides in the fact that even though each contains essentially the same basic information about Jesus, each Gospel account is remarkably distinct in its Read More
  • Reflections +

    I Am His I belong to Him. Deep within me, I know that’s true. But I can’t seem to live that life that just shouts this to the rooftops… what is wrong with me? Read More
  • Nuggets of Wisdom +

    The church should be the soul and the light.  Read More
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